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Road tripping and scenes from a country life

Glad to see the traditional (to me) pillow fluffing at the hotel.

Stayed at the hotel at the church in these pictures.

It is right across the tracks from this lovely, that is, stinky, bread factory.

I feel right at home among such graffiti.

Thankfully, we didn’t run into this gang:

Getting ready to have some tea.

A heard of the Romanov sheep breed.

Increase in Intellect

Romanov-Borisoglebsk is the home of a rather unique miracle-working icon of the Theotokos called Increase in Intellect (variously translated as Enlightener of Minds, Addition of Mind).

Unbeknownst to us, after the festal service on the feast of the Dormition that we attended at the cathedral, it was announced that the icon, which is kept in the Protection of the Mother of God Church on the other side of the river, would be brought to the cathedral and then would be taken in procession through part of the town to the place where an Orthodox fair would take place.

One of the busier intersections along the way was blessed with holy water:

The following Sunday was the feast of the icon, which also more or less coincides (probably not by chance) with the beginning of the school year and the Day of Knowledge. So the icon was returned to its home for the feast.

Following the festal liturgy, a moleben was served for the beginning of the school year and a procession was made around the church.

The icon was held before the front doors and everyone passed under it into the church.

Izmailovskii Kremlin

The Izmailovskii Kremlin is a reproduction of a kremlin for tourist purposes. It’s been expanded quite a bit since I was there last and now even has a “wedding palace” (read Justice of the Peace).

“When the music of love plays in the hearts of lovers, all the cannons of the world must be silent!”

Museum of the Military-Maritime Fleet

An appropriate picture for the slogan of “grandeur and depth” or, in a dynamic equivalent translation, “deep and wide.”

The most important notice in a submarine: shut the door before diving!

Monument to St. Fyodor Ushakov, the admiral who never lost a battle or even a ship.

What the Reds were really doing during the Cold War…singing, playing musical instruments, and….

…having dress up parties.

Donskoy Monastery

Was in the neighborhood near Donskoy Monastery relatively recently, so decided to stop in. This is the monastery where Patriarch Tikhon was under house arrest, where he reposed, and where his relics are.